2½ lbs. sugar
¼ cup ground coffee
1½ cups cold water
¼ teaspoon cream of tartar


Put water and coffee in saucepan, and heat to boiling-point. Strain through double cheese-cloth; then add sugar and cream of tartar. Stir, place on range, and heat gradually to boiling point. Boil without stirring until, when tried in cold water, a soft ball may be formed that will just keep in shape, which is 238 degree F. After a few minutes’ boiling, sugar will adhere to sides of kettle; this should be washed off with the hand first dipped in cold water. Have a pan of cold water near at hand, dip hand in cold water, then quickly wash off a small part of the sugar with tips of fingers, and repeat until all sugar adhering to side of saucepan is removed. Pour slowly on a slightly oiled marble slab.
Let stand a few minutes to cool, but not long enough to become hard around the edge. Scrape fondant with chopping knife to one end of marble, and work with a wooden spatula until white and creamy. It will quickly change from this consistency, and begin to lump, when it should be kneaded with the hands until perfectly smooth. Put into a bowl, cover with oiled paper to exclude air, that a crust may not form on top, and let stand twenty-four hours.
A large oiled platter and wooden spoon may be used in place of marble slab and spatula. Use to cover or decorate cakes and cookies plus it’s great for sculpturing.