About Us

Our mission is to spread the fun of Spaghetti Ice Cream throughout the world. The idea for the concept came to us while traveling in Europe. We wondered if we could duplicate its popularity in the United States and other countries. So far we have found the answer to be an unequivocal yes. We are a private company founded in 2002, located in Fort Worth, Texas. We were inspired by the success of Starbucks, which is based on Italian Coffee bars.


We would like to provide you with the tools you need to make your own Spaghetti Ice Cream™ and other ice cream treats like Lasagna Ice Cream™ or Asparagus Ice Cream™, as well as scores of recipes too. Go to the order page and get a Spaghetti Ice Cream Maker™. Spaghetti ice cream is easy to make! Use our unique tool to shape your ice cream and decorate with strawberry sauce and white chocolate, nuts, or coconut flakes. Don’t forget to check out our free ice cream, gelato, dessert, and coffee recipe page while you are visiting our site.


Purchase here: Spaghetti Ice (Eis) Cream Maker